On the gastronomic map of Riga “Melnie Mūki” (Black Monks) is one of the few restaurants, which continues functioning for many years offering classic and relaxing atmosphere an¬d perfect service to its customers. The name Black Monks was given to the restaurant thanks to the old monastery, whose rooms have been serving as a place for social life already for fifteen years.
Even though the slightly renewed interior and new accents the main value – the ancient brick walls of Old Riga – remain unchanged. The restaurant is very much in step with the times and offers to the customers the best there is while preserving the image built over many years. The waiters of the restaurant take not long to wait for and offer the menu as soon as the customers have sit down at a table.

Restaurant Melnie Mūki

In is not unusual that restaurants, which are enthusiastic about everything new, forget the past, however, the conventional things we have grown accustomed to often prove to be most efficient in restaurant business. This is the essence of Black Monks. The restaurant is charming thanks to its conventionality because no one is eager for astonishing discoveries here giving priority to perfectly prepared, well known dishes. The restaurant offers everything your heart desires: a wide range of European dishes, careful choice of drinks and, last, but not least, very proper portion sizes. 
The chef Aivis Auziņš – a young, creative, talented and ambitious cook – is a real treasure Melnie Mūki can be proud of. The diverse menu provides a large selection of well-known dishes. In spite of the fact that there is no lack of classic European dishes on the menu Aivis pays tribute also to the traditional Latvian food in his cooking concept and offers, for instance, potato pancakes with cowberry jam, honey-beer-marinated pork, or rye bread pudding. 
It seems like the team of Black Monks has found the recipe for success and offers delicious food in abundant portions. This must not be underestimated. Sometimes you do not feel satisfied even after a meal consisting of three dishes, but it does not apply in case of Black Monks. Two dishes would be enough to be pretty much full. And if the main dish is especially rich, for example, any of the steaks or the three meat selection, it may happen that you should ask the waiter to pack the ordered pudding to take it home. Taking into account the quality, also the prices are very decent. 
In view of these facts it must be admitted that Black Monks is neither an ordinary restaurant nor a place with ambitions for culinary alchemy. This is a place that you go when you feel nostalgic for delicious classic food, or when you simply wish a little bit to pamper yourself. Oh and another things: Black Monks is the right place for a private, discrete dinner since it hardly seems credible that one could meet some old acquaintances there.